By Sandy Robins

January is typically Resolution Month. And, there is no better time to make some positive changes in your life that can help in getting shelter pets forever homes. Here are some suggestions that involve nothing more than donating your time and personal skills in a variety of very productive ways. Give what you have – it can be an hour a month, a week and daily if you have extra hours to spare.

If You Only Have a Minute a Day …

We all spend too much time staring at social media apps on our phones. Using your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are in fact a great way to help advertise and spread the word about pets that need homes. It takes a few seconds to click to share and help get the message to a wider audience. You could turn out to be the perfect match-maker.

When you are out shopping …

All shelters and rescue organizations have special events to raise money or hold designated adoption events. They need to get the word out there. Work with your local shelter and arrange to post flyers for them. You can combine this with a shopping trip or when you are generally out and about. Apart from pet stores and grooming salons, supermarkets and coffee shops often have notice boards and many smaller shops are happy to oblige too.

Walking Dogs and Brushing Cats

All shelters need volunteers to help walk dogs and spend time brushing and playing with cats. Simple tasks such as these do a lot for a homeless pet in letting them know that someone is offering kindness and care. It helps pets both psychologically and socially. All shelters need volunteers for such services.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A great adoption photograph posted on a website can really help a pet to shine and show off its personality. If you are good with a camera, consider working with a local shelter on a regular basis and take charge of pet profile photographs. And, if you have great writing and computer skills, helping to also write the pet bios and upload the profiles to the website will be very much appreciated as this is an important part of helping pets get seen and adopted quickly.

Handy with Tools

If you are handy with tools and great with DIY projects, there is no question that a shelter can use your skills.

Helping with Transport

There are always errands to run to help a shelter. It could involve picking up supplies, taking pets to vet appointments, helping with trapping and returning cats to community colonies. Discuss with your shelter to ascertain how you can be of assistance. Often pets need to be transported to a different shelter in a different city or state. Volunteers often share the driving if it’s a longer distance. Such road trips need co-ordination. That coordinator could be you!

Fundraisers for Transport

Shelters always need carriers whether it’s for a trip to the vet or for a road trip. SHERPA has an excellent selection of carriers specially designed for small dogs and cats to travel comfortably. The Sherpa Original Deluxe has both top and side entry, mesh panels for plenty of ventilation locking zippers and aa washable faux lambskin liner. Holding fundraisers to purchase carriers will really help an organization get pets places. School kids are always looking for class projects and if you are involved with the PTA, such a fund-raiser also teaches kids how they can help with pet adoption.

About Sandy Robins:

As the country’s leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and  influencer, SANDY ROBINS documents the wonderful relationship that we have with our pets highlighting trends and innovative ideas as they happen.

Many dogs and cats have lifestyles that mirror their pet parents’ own lives. Nothing is too good for our fur kids. Consequently, the pet industry is a 58 billion dollar business – bigger than toys, candy and jewelry combined. Sandy documents this industry every step of the way  highlighting how these trends can improve our pet’s general health and well being and enhance our human-animal bond.